The Journey Begins…

Bonjour mes amours,

Welcome to my blog La Vie & Amour. What is La Vie & Amour? Well, it just means “Life & Love” in French. You may be thinking why I have a blog about life and love. Well it’s pretty simple, this blog is not JUST about life and love but it’s everything in between. I want to write about everything that makes life an adventurous journey.

So what about life do I want to write about? The simple answer is pretty much everything. Life is about making memories and going on adventures and I want to share those memories and adventures with you!

What about love you may ask. Well, when it comes to love, this isn’t just going to be about the soppy romantic love with hearts, kisses and rainbows – NO! First and foremost, I am single – although there is a handsome man that I am crushing hard on but that is a post for another day. No but really, when it comes to love, it encompasses everything not just the romantic side of but what I love such as fashion, Beauty, Travel and FOOD!! OMG I LOVE FOOD!!

So in essence this is why I chose the name Life & Love but in French 😊

So I kept this very first entry of mine short and sweet because I don’t want to ramble on (I can do that sometimes). So I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I’m going to write it.

All my love,

Laila ❤️

P.S. I’ll be posting the main post for the week every Sunday. All other posts will be posted during the week.



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