Dear Cupid

Dear Cupid

Bonjour Mes Amours

So I’ve been thinking lately a lot about relationships and all things love. So I’ve been single for a long time and for the first bit of my single life I remained single just to focus on myself and in that time I gained some major confidence and self esteem. However, over the last two years or so, I’ve been ready to be in a relationship. So I tried out Tinder and while I got some good traction on Tinder, I wasn’t very successful. Sure there were a few guys that I thought “this could be the guy I date” but it turned out 95% of them were just there to waste my time.

After all this time wasting, I decided to take a little bit of a break. Now there were quite a few guys on Tinder that I had matched with but never spoke to but I was okay with that because I’m probably not gonna talk to each and every single guy I match with or I’ll be Tindering for days! All of that aside, have you ever met someone out of pure dumb luck? Well that was what happened to me. I matched with this guy on Tinder twice and we never had any type of interaction and then one night while out celebrating a friend’s birthday, I meet this guy and it turns out that it’s the guy I had matched with on Tinder twice!

I thought it was super weird that I met this guy after having matched with him twice. Anyway, we spent the night together and it was awesome!  During the night he said a lot of things to me about how much he wanted a girlfriend and all these things you say to a girl you want to hook up with so I didn’t take any of it to heart. So the next morning, he left to move back to the mother city. I on the other hand was making moves to move back to the mother city so this had to be some kind dumb luck that we had met and were now going to be in the same city.

Alas that is not what happened. Firstly, I’m still stuck in Joburg but slowly inching my way back to the mother city and he is kinda going through the motions with another girl (I think). I don’t know, a part of me thinks that none of this can be a coincidence but I’m also a pretty realistic person and know that if he wanted to be with me he would make the effort. Besides, the girl with very low self confidence in me says “why would he even want to date me?”. I guess only time will tell. I am crushing on him hard and I’m sure he knows that, I mean I did surprise him with 4 red velvet cupcakes delivered to his office.

Honestly ladies (and gents), I wish love was super easy and simple but it’s really not in a way.  I’ll tell you one thing though, I honestly give the best relationship advice (just not for my own love life) so if you ever want someone to hear you out, I’m your girl.

Well that’s it for tonight – this was kinda just a ramble. I promise my posts will get better as I continue writing but for now, please just bear with my novice writing 😘

All my love,

Laila ❤️


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