Nails! The Long and Short of it all πŸ’…

Nails! The Long and Short of it all πŸ’…

Nails! As a woman, it’s part of our identity. Every woman has a different preference for their nails.Β Some like crazy nail art and some like a simple manicure. Some like it long an some short.

Bonjour mes amour,

Today I will be talking about nail length. I’m personally a fan of both long and short nails but each come with their own pros and cons. So I’m writing this post because after not doing my nails for a while, I decided to go find some design inspiration. While I was looking, different lengths of nails with different designs kept coming up. So naturally the next thought that crossed my mind was “do I keep my nails short or do I go ahead put tips on?”. This got me thinking about the good and bad of both long and short nails. So without further delay, let’s get into the nitty gritty of nails.



Nail Art

Image sourced from Adobe Stock Images

For me, short nails are not necessarily nails that are super short. When I say short nails, I usually have about a 2mm length to my nails so it gives off the same vibe as the picture above. So what are the pros and cons?


These are some of the pro’s that I find with short nails.

Easy to maintain.

I find that having shorter nails are much easier to maintain because there is not a lot of possibility for breakage (unless you have weak nails).


Having short nails is so convenient and often times I feel like I can do things a lot faster and with much less effort.

Time Savers

If you are constantly on the go, the last thing you have time for is a long session at the nail salon for a manicure. It is so easy to just pick a color from your nail polish collection (if you have one) and just do a quick coat or two. Once again, you tend to do things a lot faster.



These are some of the cons that I have with short nails


I find that with short nails, your nail polish tends to chip a lot more and if you are someone that is always on the go, it can get a little difficult to do those quick touch ups.


Sometimes I find that when I have short nails, they get caught in things like jean zippers. When this happens, I get these little snags on my nails that also tend to get caught in everything such as cotton, hair and towels.



Image sourced from Adobe Stock Images

Blue female nails elongated with a design. Image sourced from Adobe Stock Images

I love long nails. I also love the different types of shapes that you can file them into and let’s be honest, you feel pretty bougee with long nails on. So what are the pro’s and cons of long nails for me?



I love how you can really experiment with long nails. From the different shapes such as square, almond or coffin to adding jewels and crazy nail art. You can get so creative with long nails (and short nails) and it just looks beautiful.

Your hands look so different

With long nails come extra length of your fingers and as such your hands look completely different. If you have small hands like mine then you will know that once those long nails go on, it’s like you hands instantly grew and inch or two (although we know its just the nails). Apart from my hands looking bigger, my hands also feel bigger and as a result I tend to use my hands while talking a lot more than I should.

They give you more femininity

Okay so this one is more of a personal thing and for me I feel so much more feminine when my nails are long. While I can still have super cute nail art and manicures done on my short nails, I tend to put my nails through the ringer when they are short. When my nails are long, I feel so glamorous.



When they break…

Oh goodness, if you have ever had long nails then you will know the heartbreak of a nail breaking. Not only is it heartbreaking that one of your glam nails just broke, let’s not forget how painful it is.

You have to learn to adjust

On many occasions I have had my long nails put on after a period of time with short nails. As soon as my long nails come on, there is a relatively significant adjustment period. I have to adjust to typing on my laptop, texting, cooking and pretty much life in general, which leads me to the next con…


Now you might be thinking “how do you injure yourself with long nails?”. Well during the adjustment period, I completely forget that I have just put long nails on and I end up stabbing myself regularly.

Bathroom Bloopers

We all know the age old question of “how do you wipe your ass?” and it’s honestly the most annoying question of all time. I wipe my tush the same way as I would with short nails. However, that’s not the bloopers I’m talking about. Going back to the adjustment period, naturally I forget for the first week or so that I have long nails and again go around stabbing my lady bits. It’s painful but once I get back into the groove, I’m golden.



So ladies, these are my pro’s and cons to having both short and long nails. Which do you prefer? What are some of the pro’s and cons that you experience? I would love to hear your thoughts.


All my love,




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    Great post! As a nail technician myself this had my approval 😍😍

    My new blog post is here! πŸ’«πŸŒΈ I’d love if you gave it a read and left a comment 😘

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