Finding Home: Things I learnt while moving cities

Finding Home: Things I learnt while moving cities

Finding Home: Things I learnt while moving cities

Bonjour mes amour,


Have you ever been in a place in your life where you are not completely fulfilled? Even though you’re surrounded by the most important people in your life and unconditional love? Yeah, I had that for a while. It felt like something was missing for me. Until I did some travelling…


Travelling to Europe was an eye opener for me. I experienced a new world outside of my current world and as cliché as it may sound, it stirred something in me. Suddenly I could see myself living in each one of the countries I visited. When I returned home, I felt that craving for adventure, the unknown and the excitement of discovering new places.


It’s what I needed that in my life.


That’s when I decided to move overseas. I became fixated on this decision to move overseas. I had done hours of research on visas and looking at jobs but nothing seemed to fall into place. It probably had something to do with all the drama that was going on in my life.


At the beginning of this year I realized that my mission may have been a stretch too far for right now and decided I need to start small. So, I decided to move to Cape Town. Now, many people questioned my rationale for wanting to move but that didn’t change my decision. I won’t go into all my reasons for moving (maybe another post) but in a nutshell – if I could move to Cape Town without freaking the beep out, surely, I could move overseas without freaking the beep out, right? We will have to wait and see I guess.


Back to my move.


After months of looking for a job, I finally landed a job and literally had a week and a half to get to Cape Town in order to set my life up before starting my new job. I thought I had everything planned but boy was I wrong! Things didn’t go as planned AT ALL 🤦🏻‍♀️! So, after three weeks in Cape Town this is what I have learnt so far.



Seems simple right? WRONG! When I say have a plan, I mean HAVE 👏🏼A 👏🏼PLAN 👏🏼. A financial plan, a housing plan, a wardrobe plan, a transport plan. Just have a plan because if you don’t you’re going to find yourself in hot water.


Financial Plan

Just make sure you know where all the money for your two-month rental deposit is coming from. Make sure you have enough money to get around. Make sure that you have enough money to eat. Get multiple quotes for movers and choose the best quote. Financially, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Just make sure you have enough money in your bank account because I can guarantee you, expenses will be creeping up on you.

House & Transport Plan

Sometimes you see a place on those property websites and you think it could be the perfect place. No! Chances are, it’s not the perfect place. Luckily, I had a couple places to look at but it doesn’t hurt to look at more than just a handful. However, looking at houses or apartments when you don’t have your own wheels with you is hard. So, make sure that you get your wheels to you ASAP because UBER can get quite pricey.

Once you find the perfect place, make sure that you get your goods to your new destination soon so that you don’t pay rent for an apartment that’s empty.

Wardrobe plan

This may or may not apply but in my case, I didn’t think it was going to take me this long to get my stuff transported to Cape Town and as such didn’t have much to wear. Luckily, I had a few nice tops that I could wear for work which saved me but, in the end, I had to get one or two more. (P.S. 90% of my clothes still need to make their way to me.)



Moving to another city is already stepping outside of your comfort zone and that is something you need to get used to very quickly but when it comes to making friends, it’s kind of like sprinting outside of your comfort zone.


I’m not typically someone that can go out and meet a whole bunch of new people all the time and I tend keep my circle relatively small but I knew that if I wanted to be happy in Cape Town, I had to really try to meet new people.


That’s where Bumble came in handy 🐝. If you have been on Bumble then you know that there is a section where you can meet friends. Truthfully, there is not many people that go on that side of Bumble but I can say that I have actually met the most awesome bunch of ladies 💕



This one may seem obvious but I have to regularly tell myself that I need to go out and explore my new city. Sometimes it’s hard for me because I’m almost scared to do it alone but I need to step outside my comfort zone. Finding Facebook groups for activities that interest me helped get me out there too. I still have a lot exploring to do and I’ve already started on a few more posts which I hope to share with you guys very soon ☺️. Below I’ve added a two pictures I’ve taken so far.




If I’ve learnt anything in the last 3 weeks, it’s that this life change that I’ve made has inspired others. I have had so many of my friends and ex-colleagues tell me that they are so inspired by the courage it took for me to make this big step. Sometimes, when you see someone else do something you never thought you would do, you end up taking a look at your own life and think how yours could be different and that’s when you think about change.


While I’ve only been in Cape Town for 3 weeks, I know there’s tons more things I’m going to learn along the way and I can’t wait to share that with all of you! Check out my gallery where I’ll post the super cool pictures that I take in my beautiful new city ❤️


I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever moved to a different city or even a different country? What was your experience and what did you learn?


💗Until next time…


Au Revoir mes amour


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